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goodness knows what's going on... [Dec. 14th, 2004|02:05 pm]
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“How do you think? A man’s got his ways” he winked with a wide grin on his face, “besides, this looked like fun”
“I’m surprised you aren’t downstairs with all the hot girls”
“Um hello we can hear you” Raquel said whacking Randy across the chest.
“What are you keeping these two hotties to yourself?”
“Yeah something like that man” he smirked
“In your dreams”
“You don’t wanna know what I dream about” he smirked, “now are we gonna stop your friends from getting even more drunk or what?”
“Nah this is fun” Raquel laughed
“Girl she’s going to kill us, kill you” Rayna said slightly nervous”
“Now why would she do that? Especially when she doesn’t know we’re watching her”
“I might be blonde but I’m not stupid” Lou called as she throw back again bottle of drink.
“Busted” John laughed as he took another drink himself, “you guys should be ashamed, perving on us like that”
“Perving, who’s perving? There’s no one worth perving on in here”
“Then tell us RA, what are you lovely ones doing hiding over there? Coz ya know it’s normally custom to knock on the door instead of sneaking in”
“It was all his idea” Raquel said pointing to Randy
“Oh sure blame it all on me”
“Who else am I meant to blame it on, myself? Coz dude that’s so not gonna happen”
“Why not? Does the truth hurt that much?”
“It’s not the truth dammit”
“Wow RA your mighty touchy” Lou giggled, “does someone have a little crush on the cute smartass over there?”
“EW I think not” she said shaking her head
“Aw come on girly you can tell us, we’re all friends” she giggled, “just admit you’ve got feelings for… what’s his name over there”
“Randy” he grinned over at her
“For Randy then”
“I think not”
“I think so”
“Ah girls we totally aren’t getting anywhere here” Rayna interrupted, “we should probably just take you back down to the other girls Lou before they worry about you”
“HA please, like that’s gonna happen. Their prob flirting madly with all the guys downstairs, if they haven’t gotten into their pants already. Oh I can see it now, their all giving blow jobs in the bar” she laughed
“What? I’m just being honest. If they are so damn concerned they would be here now and they wouldn’t have just left me on my own now would they? Now both of you bugger off coz I’m having myself some real fun for once and I don’t get shot down for crazy things I say”
“Oh god the happy juice has already hit her” Raquel shook  her head, “can we get out of here already”
“What’s the rush hun?” Rayna laughed, “we might as well stay and have some fun”
“Here Raynee get this into you” Lou giggled as she tossed her a small bottle
“Thanks” she winked
“AHHH you guys are just fricken hopeless” Raquel growled as she turned and left the room, with Randy close on her heels. Mark stood scratching his head wondering what the hell was going on.

[User Picture]From: betty_blinx
2005-05-05 08:55 am (UTC)
Just read this whole this and it rocks.

Why the hell didn't I know abou this before and why the hell did you stop and I'm gunna write hell one more time coz it has two ls
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[User Picture]From: betty_blinx
2007-01-08 03:29 am (UTC)
One day you guys are going to have to write again. I MISS SILLYNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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