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more... [Nov. 10th, 2004|08:22 pm]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community


[mood |lovedloved]

“Um what are you doing?” Raquel asked as she looked at Randy closely.
“Relax would you” he laughed shaking his head as he swiped his room key in the lock.
“We’re meant to be finding Lou, not helping you fulfill some sick fantasy” she glared
“Behave man or else we’ll never find her”
“Fine” she muttered as they followed Randy inside his room.
“Now if all your bitching is over, I can show you were your friend is”
“Trust me, she’s done” Rayna glared at Raquel, “so please, show us where Lou is” Randy just nodded his head as he walked over to a nearby door.
“Oh great they’ve got her tied up in the cupboard” Raquel groaned
“Dude shut up would you” Raynee said as she whacked Raquel’s arm
“Ouch dude that hurt”
“I’ll do worse if you don’t bloody behave” she glared, “sorry Randy, what were you going to show us?”
“It’s through here” he said as he slowly turned the door hand, “that’s your friend, right?” he said pointing to Lou who was downing another bottle of drink as she and John danced around the room crazily.
“Oh dear god she’s drunk”
“You really are good at point out the obvious aren’t you” Randy laughed…