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short short short [Oct. 12th, 2004|08:49 pm]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community


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[music |the Disney channel]

The lady behind the front desk ran out and checked the damage done to the lobby. She groaned as Raquel and the small blond grinned at each other and dropped the skis in there hands to help pick up the other things.
"What the hell did they do now?" Dave groaned. He looked at the man next to him. "Can't leave them alone for a second."
"You know those guys?" Stephanie asked, frowning.
"Unfortunately," Dave told her, "That blond rockstar wannabe is Chris, the ghetto one is John, and the other is Randy. Oh, and that guy that just walked up with the perfect hair is Mark. He thinks he's the shit."
Steph eyed the last one carefully.
"He sure looks like it from here..." she muttered as she licked her lips.
Dave scowled.
"Guess we better go help," Stephanie sighed and started forward. The other guy stepped in line with her and she smiled at him. "You never told us your name."
"Sean," he told her.
"I rather think so!"


"Yeah, they're at the lodge," Kevin spoke into his cell phone as he climbed into his car. He tossed a bag into the backseat and started the engine. "No, they don't know that we're going up there and you better not call Steph and tell her! We're surprising them, remember?" He pulled out of his driveway and started down the road. "Yeah, man...I'll be there in about fifteen minutes...well, Steph and Stephanie seem to think Imma be there but fuck if I know why. I am NOT obvious...fuck you, Michaels!" He laughed and turned onto the highway. "Your daughter and her friends aren't dumb, but I doubt they'll expect to see us there. Okay, so shut up and I'll see you in a few minutes....and don't forget your snowsuit, man!"

[User Picture]From: claucita
2004-10-13 11:02 pm (UTC)
wooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo Lou-Lou is gonne get some quality time with big kev and HBK *does happy dance* .. rockstar wannabe?? ghetto one?? mark thinks he's the shit?? ROTFLMAO couldn't have said it better myself dude
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