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goodness knows what's going on... [Dec. 14th, 2004|02:05 pm]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

[mood |lonelylonely]
[music |Popular]

“How do you think? A man’s got his ways” he winked with a wide grin on his face, “besides, this looked like fun”
“I’m surprised you aren’t downstairs with all the hot girls”
“Um hello we can hear you” Raquel said whacking Randy across the chest.
“What are you keeping these two hotties to yourself?”
“Yeah something like that man” he smirked
“In your dreams”
“You don’t wanna know what I dream about” he smirked, “now are we gonna stop your friends from getting even more drunk or what?”
“Nah this is fun” Raquel laughed
“Girl she’s going to kill us, kill you” Rayna said slightly nervous”
“Now why would she do that? Especially when she doesn’t know we’re watching her”
“I might be blonde but I’m not stupid” Lou called as she throw back again bottle of drink.
“Busted” John laughed as he took another drink himself, “you guys should be ashamed, perving on us like that”
“Perving, who’s perving? There’s no one worth perving on in here”
“Then tell us RA, what are you lovely ones doing hiding over there? Coz ya know it’s normally custom to knock on the door instead of sneaking in”
“It was all his idea” Raquel said pointing to Randy
“Oh sure blame it all on me”
“Who else am I meant to blame it on, myself? Coz dude that’s so not gonna happen”
“Why not? Does the truth hurt that much?”
“It’s not the truth dammit”
“Wow RA your mighty touchy” Lou giggled, “does someone have a little crush on the cute smartass over there?”
“EW I think not” she said shaking her head
“Aw come on girly you can tell us, we’re all friends” she giggled, “just admit you’ve got feelings for… what’s his name over there”
“Randy” he grinned over at her
“For Randy then”
“I think not”
“I think so”
“Ah girls we totally aren’t getting anywhere here” Rayna interrupted, “we should probably just take you back down to the other girls Lou before they worry about you”
“HA please, like that’s gonna happen. Their prob flirting madly with all the guys downstairs, if they haven’t gotten into their pants already. Oh I can see it now, their all giving blow jobs in the bar” she laughed
“What? I’m just being honest. If they are so damn concerned they would be here now and they wouldn’t have just left me on my own now would they? Now both of you bugger off coz I’m having myself some real fun for once and I don’t get shot down for crazy things I say”
“Oh god the happy juice has already hit her” Raquel shook  her head, “can we get out of here already”
“What’s the rush hun?” Rayna laughed, “we might as well stay and have some fun”
“Here Raynee get this into you” Lou giggled as she tossed her a small bottle
“Thanks” she winked
“AHHH you guys are just fricken hopeless” Raquel growled as she turned and left the room, with Randy close on her heels. Mark stood scratching his head wondering what the hell was going on.
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Very very VERY short but meh! [Dec. 8th, 2004|12:57 am]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

[mood |moodymoody]
[music |I Stand Alone-Godsmack]

Raquel stared at him.
"I don't think I like you."
"I love you too," Randy told her, winking. He paused and looked through the doorway where Lou and John had yet to see them. "So....you gonna get your friend there or what?"
"What? I think we should wait until she's a bit more drunk.....that way we can laugh at her and she won't remember anything she did."
Randy gaped at her. Were these girls insane?
"She'll kill us if we don't stop her from making a fool out of herself," Rayna told her.
"She hasn't done anything bad yet." Raquel watched the two dance for a moment before continuing, "Actually, that dancing IS pretty bad...."
"Oh, is that what that's called?" a voice behind them asked.
The three turned around to look at another man from downstairs. Randy glared at him.
"How the fuck did you get in my room, Mark?"
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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2004|10:08 pm]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

psst stephy ... are you gonna write more???

*wink wink nudge nudge*

you know you wanna girlie!!

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more... [Nov. 10th, 2004|08:22 pm]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

[mood |lovedloved]

“Um what are you doing?” Raquel asked as she looked at Randy closely.
“Relax would you” he laughed shaking his head as he swiped his room key in the lock.
“We’re meant to be finding Lou, not helping you fulfill some sick fantasy” she glared
“Behave man or else we’ll never find her”
“Fine” she muttered as they followed Randy inside his room.
“Now if all your bitching is over, I can show you were your friend is”
“Trust me, she’s done” Rayna glared at Raquel, “so please, show us where Lou is” Randy just nodded his head as he walked over to a nearby door.
“Oh great they’ve got her tied up in the cupboard” Raquel groaned
“Dude shut up would you” Raynee said as she whacked Raquel’s arm
“Ouch dude that hurt”
“I’ll do worse if you don’t bloody behave” she glared, “sorry Randy, what were you going to show us?”
“It’s through here” he said as he slowly turned the door hand, “that’s your friend, right?” he said pointing to Lou who was downing another bottle of drink as she and John danced around the room crazily.
“Oh dear god she’s drunk”
“You really are good at point out the obvious aren’t you” Randy laughed…
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doo dah doo dah [Nov. 9th, 2004|12:22 am]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Daydream Believers(the Monkees movie)]

"I can't believe it!" Stephanie groaned. She slapped her forehead with her hands and looked around the lobby. "Now we lost Rayna and Raquel!"
"This is crazy," Molly sighed.
Steph bit her lip.
"Guys, maybe WE'RE the ones that are lost--"
"Shut up, Steph! How can we be lost?" Molly asked.
"Well, I dunno....but if THEY'RE all gone and WE'RE still here then maybe really WE'RE lost and they're not!"
"Girl..." Stephanie looked at her friend and could only shake her head. "Never mind..."
"Well look." Steph tried to look innocent as she shifted her weight and took a step back toward the bar. "I think I'll go check over here for them, then...catch up with y'all later..."
Stephanie and Molly stared at her as she disappeared into the hotel bar. They knew exactly what she was doing, and they didn't for one second believe it was to look for their friends.
"She's going after Dave and Sean, huh?" Stephanie asked.
"She's such a little slut," Molly laughed.
"Maybe I should go check on her."
Molly nodded.
"Go on. I'll stay here and hope that one of them comes back sometime soon." She snickered as Stephanie ran off after Steph. "Must be something to do with the name..."
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Uh oh... [Nov. 3rd, 2004|05:35 pm]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

“Here we are” John said as he stopped outside his room and swiped his room card. He looked over at Lou and smiled before opening the door and holding it open for her.
“Thank you” she spoke softly and swallowed hard as she walked into the dark room. In the back of her mind she knew this was crazy, going into a guy’s room she hardly knew. She felt like running. Going back down to see if the girls would pay her some attention but she didn’t. Instead she stood in the room looking at her new friend.
“Make yourself at home” he smiled at her once again as he switched the lights on. Lou still didn’t move. She stood completely still watching him closely. “Hey sweetie, you don’t need to worry, I’m not going to jump you … at least not yet” he winked as a sly grin crept onto his face, “you really need to relax. One thing you’ll learn about me is I’m harmless. Just come put your feet up and relax” he said touching her arm softly.        
“Yeah ok, thanks” she smiled up at him, “sorry I’m just really tired right now…”
“Hey don’t mention it. I’d be worried if a sexy beast like myself took me up to his room” he laughed
“Yeah I’d be worried too … unless you swing that way” she giggled
“That you’ll have to wait and find out for yourself” he smirked as Lou bit her bottom lip, “how about a drink? You must be thirsty” he said as he headed over to the mini bar, crouching down to see what was inside. “Ok so we’ve got coke, lemonade, water…”
“Got anything stronger?”
“Oh I thought you’d never ask” he winked as he reached in and grabbed all the small bottles in his arms and carried them over to the couch. “Let’s see, we’ve got vodka, beer…” he said before going through each individual bottle. Lou smiled as she looked down at all of them and reached down and picked a random one up before knocking it back. Once she was finished, she tossed it away and picked up another one…
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WOOT!!!! [Nov. 1st, 2004|11:10 am]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

[mood |busybusy]
[music |best of Sean O'Haire in OVW]

“Dude, where’s Lou?”
Raquel and Rayna looked up as Molly joined them. She stared at them as she waited for an answer.
“We thought she was with you,” Raquel finally said.
“No, I left her outside and came back in.”
“Well, isn’t she still outside then?” Rayna asked. She walked over to the window and looked outside. “Oh, shit...”
“Where the hell did she go?” Molly wondered. She looked around the lobby.”Steph! Stephanie!”
Steph rolled her eyes at Dave before turning to the other girls.
“We’re kinda BUSY here!” she yelled, “What?”
“We lost Lou!”
“I’m sure that–how the hell did you lose her? Where is she?”
“If I knew that then she wouldn’t be lost,” Molly told her. She stepped over to the other two girls and tugged on Steph’s arm. “We gotta go find her!”
Steph glanced at Dave then at Molly and finally back at Dave.
“Steph! It’s LOU!”
“I know, but–“
“STEPHANIE!” Molly and Stephanie yelled together.
Dave chuckled quietly as the two stared at Steph. He wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned in close to whisper in her ear.
“Don’t worry, I won’t disappear on you.” He straightened and turned to Sean. “Why don’t we go get a drink, man, and let the girls look for their friend?”
“Good idea,” Sean agreed. He winked at the Steph’s. “Don’t forget to come back. We have plans for you two.”
Both girls shuddered and Steph blushed. Stephanie linked arms with the other two and grinned at Steph as they walked away.
“You’re both whores,” Molly told them, shaking her head.
“You’re just jealous,” Steph told her.
“Of what? Those two muscle bound freaks? Hey, you can have them!”
“Oh, I plan on having them!”
“Girl, you are too bad!” Stephanie laughed, “But, I like the way you think!”
“Of course you do!”
Molly rolled her eyes.
“If you two are finished being pervs...”
“We’re finished.”
Steph grinned devilishly and added, “For now that is!”
“Yeah, whatever. So, we need to find Lou.”
“Where the hell could she go?” Stephanie asked. She scratched her head as she looked around. “She couldn’t have gotten far...could she?”
“Excuse me.”
The girls ignored the tall dark-haired young man who’d just joined them. They continued looking around the lobby for Lou. He tried again.
“Excuse me?” He tapped Molly’s shoulder but she shrugged him off. “Hey...”
“Not now!” Stephanie yelled, highly irritable.
He sighed and took a seat on the nearest couch, which Raquel and Rayna just happened to already be sitting on.
“Sorry bout them,” Rayna apologized for her friends, “They’re well...”
“Bitches,” Raquel piped in. She frowned as Rayna elbowed her in the ribs.”Well, it’s true!”
“Yeah, but you don’t gotta announce it to the world! We don’t know him!”
The young man laughed and stuck out his hand.
“I’m Randy! Now you know me.”
Rayna shook his hand and grinned.
“Rayna. And the big mouth is Raquel.”
“Not a big mouth,” Raquel pouted.
“Your friends–they’re looking for someone, right?’
“Yeah, our friend Lou.”
“She got long blonde hair and is wearing a pink sweater?”
“Yeah, why?” Raquel eyed him suspiciously.
“I saw her go up the elevator with my friend John about ten minutes ago.”
Rayna and Raquel’s jaws dropped.
“That little slut,” Raquel laughed, “She gonna end up getting some before Steph and Stephanie do!”
“John ain’t like that.”
“Yeah, well normally I’d say Lou isn’t like that either,” Rayna told Randy, “But, she’s been around the Steph’s for so long that I think they’re rubbing off on her.”
“So...” Randy looked over at the other girls who were still searching for Lou. “They really that *ahem* loose?”
Raquel laughed.
“Is the sky blue?”
Randy’s eyes widened.
“Raquel!” Rayna elbowed her friend again and shook her head. “Don’t listen to her! Steph and Stephanie are just big teases. They like guys and like to flirt a lot is all.”
“What about the other one?”
Randy nodded his head.
“She’s nothing like those two,” Rayna told him. She grinned. “But, she ain’t a prude or anything.”
“Interesting,” Randy muttered to himself as he watched Molly walk up to the front desk. He sat quietly for a moment. “Well...” he stood up and looked down at the girls. “Want me to show you what room John is in? Maybe your friend is up there.”
Raquel and Rayna glanced at each other.
“What the hell?” Raquel sighed, “Let’s go find the crazy Aussie!”
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OT: little update type thing [Oct. 24th, 2004|08:53 pm]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

[mood |angryangry]

Just thought I'd let everyone know that the reason there hasn't been more fic in here lately is b/c my evil laptop broke! *stabs it with a big evil spork of DOOM* So I lost all my stuff on there, including the post I wrote right before it crashed! Remind me that next time I want to post something to post it right away instead of waiting online to post it later.

And it was a really good post too! With Steph and Molly fighting and Molly was ragging on Dave and then Raquel and Rayna went off with Randy...to look for Lou, and Stephanie was just sitting there like, "Uhh, guys!" *snickers* It was really funny and I LOST IT!!!!!!!

Technology sucks.

That is all. Hopefully I'll get motivated to write it again as much as I can remember from memory. *shrugs*
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meh... [Oct. 13th, 2004|04:01 pm]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

[mood |hothot]

Lou sighed and she ran a hand through her hair slowly as she got to her feet.
“Guess I better get back in there” she muttered to herself. She just shook her head as she headed inside and saw the commotion still going on in the foyer.
“Ah Stephy” Lou spoke as she reached her friend
“Lou Lou can’t you see I’m busy” she glared over at her
“I’m sorry I just…”
“Not now Lou Lou” Steph said as she went back to flirting with a few of the guys.
“Great talking to you too” she muttered as she walked over to where Raynee and Raquel were. “Hey guys…”
“Oh my gosh, get out you’re a Shinedown fan?” Raquel laughed as she looked at Chris
“Only the biggest one around”
“I so don’t think so man”
“And whys that?”
“Probably because Raquelly here is the biggest fan around”
“Oh really?”
“Hell yeah, I have ever bit of merchandise around, I can’t get enough of them”
“Um guys” she started again but was droned out by Raquel and Chris’ rendition of 45. She just sighed as she walked over to the front desk to see if they could help her out.
“Hi I was wondering if I could get another key to the penthouse suite”
“I’m sorry miss but I can’t do that”
“Why not?”
“I’m not authorised to sorry miss”
“Ah for fucks sake” she muttered angrily, “this day just gets better and better”
“Problem?” a guy asked from beside her
“Oh no of course not. I want to get up to my room to get away from all this and it appears I can’t” she sighed
“You know, if you want you could come up to my room for a bit until your friends calm down”
“Thanks but I wouldn’t want to impose”
“You wouldn’t be”
“Well I don’t know who you are, it just…”
“Let me fix that problem” he smirked, “I’m John” he said holding out his hand.
“Lou” she smiled back slightly
“I know” he winked, “so are you going to take me up on that offer now” Lou sighed and looked around,
“Guess I don’t really have any other choice here”
“Ouch you sure do know how to make a guy feel special”
“Sorry, nothing personal buddy, just been one of those days”
“Ah I know what that’s like” he smirked as he placed his arm around her shoulder, “but with me around, things can only get better” he winked
“Don’t get any ideas buddy, keep your fella in your pants and we’ll be just fine” she laughed as they walked off towards the lifts together…
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short short short [Oct. 12th, 2004|08:49 pm]
Teh_Story: Our Personal Writing Community

[mood |coldcold]
[music |the Disney channel]

The lady behind the front desk ran out and checked the damage done to the lobby. She groaned as Raquel and the small blond grinned at each other and dropped the skis in there hands to help pick up the other things.
"What the hell did they do now?" Dave groaned. He looked at the man next to him. "Can't leave them alone for a second."
"You know those guys?" Stephanie asked, frowning.
"Unfortunately," Dave told her, "That blond rockstar wannabe is Chris, the ghetto one is John, and the other is Randy. Oh, and that guy that just walked up with the perfect hair is Mark. He thinks he's the shit."
Steph eyed the last one carefully.
"He sure looks like it from here..." she muttered as she licked her lips.
Dave scowled.
"Guess we better go help," Stephanie sighed and started forward. The other guy stepped in line with her and she smiled at him. "You never told us your name."
"Sean," he told her.
"I rather think so!"


"Yeah, they're at the lodge," Kevin spoke into his cell phone as he climbed into his car. He tossed a bag into the backseat and started the engine. "No, they don't know that we're going up there and you better not call Steph and tell her! We're surprising them, remember?" He pulled out of his driveway and started down the road. "Yeah, man...I'll be there in about fifteen minutes...well, Steph and Stephanie seem to think Imma be there but fuck if I know why. I am NOT obvious...fuck you, Michaels!" He laughed and turned onto the highway. "Your daughter and her friends aren't dumb, but I doubt they'll expect to see us there. Okay, so shut up and I'll see you in a few minutes....and don't forget your snowsuit, man!"
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